Although there are many different forms of art, one that has become increasingly popular in today’s world is street painting, also known as pavement art, street art or 3-D street art. When done properly, it creates an illusion that tricks the eyes into believing that you are looking at a three-dimensional image, even though it was drawn on a two dimensional surface. In the following video, you are going to see some of the best 3-D street art that exists. Some of it was drawn for competitive purposes and others because the individual wanted to display their artistic abilities. In [More]
When you see the world around you, you perceive it as being full of color and variety. The fact of the matter is, however, color is only an illusion and it does not exist in the real world. What does exist is light, and it depends upon how the light is reflected off of an object as to how we see the color that truly exists. For example, when the light reflects off of an Apple, the wavelengths that appear red reaches the eye and we see it as being red. Would you believe me if I told you could [More]
There are many people in this world who have artistic talent but not all of them display it in the same way. Some individuals may work in watercolors and do a painting that is so realistic, it looks as if it is a photograph. Other people may display their artistic abilities in other ways, such as writing poetry or perhaps playing music. What if I were to tell you that some of the most fascinating art in the world is actually drawn on the street? Many of us drew on the sidewalk or street when we were young children. We [More]
When it comes to hallucinations, many of us try to avoid them whenever possible. A hallucination provides a perception that something exists in the world around us but it actually doesn’t. Many people consider it to be a type of dreaming, but it does not involve dreaming, allusion or imagery. In many cases, hallucination is associated with sickness or perhaps with the use of medication but as you are about to see, it is also possible to produce a hallucination that is quite interesting. In the following video, you will be asked to look at the screen for a few [More]
Are you someone who enjoys science experiments? They not only help to introduce us to the world around us, there are times when they can help us to understand more about ourselves as well. This is not only true of some complex experiments that we may have done in science class, it is also true of some relatively simple experiments that we do at home as well. These are some of those simple options. The little tricks you will see in this video all involve something we have at home, paper. They are among some of the most basic tricks [More]
When most of us see fire, we really only focus on the flame but the fact is, there is a lot more going on than what you may first consider. Of course, the flame is the hottest part that exists but the smoke is also quite hot as well. It is an underrated part of the burning process, but one that gives us the opportunity for a rather unique experiment. You only need a lighter, a candle and something to hold the candle. As the flame of the candle is burning, it is also putting off smoke. The smoke may [More]
When you look at the following video, you are going to see something that appears to be impossible but it is actually taking place in front of your eyes. Admittedly, it is a digital image but the fact that it is digital has nothing to do with it. The ballerina begins by leaning on a fence but as the camera is rotating, it seems as if the fence suddenly reverses direction and the ballerina melts right through it! Most people would think that this is just a digital creation but the fact is, it is an effect that is known [More]
Have you ever seen 3-D street art? It is rather popular today, and it involves drawing something that may not make a lot of sense to someone who is looking at it, unless they are looking from a single perspective. You’re about to see similar in this video, but it is done on a much more interesting scale. Rather than seeing something on the sidewalk that appears as if it is three-dimensional, you’re actually looking at something that appears to be floating in midair. When you first start the video, you will see the cube and it looks like you [More]
When we were children, we may have played with a wide variety of items. For some of us, it may have been marbles and for others, dominoes. Of course, today, many children play with electronic devices. There is one thing, however, that tends to be remarkable to children, regardless of when they grew up. It is a gyroscope and, although it is a relatively simple device, it can provide hours of enjoyment once you begin using it. A gyroscope is a relatively simple contraption. It is a wheel or a disk that is spinning and the access on which it [More]
Best of drawing, photoshopped pictures and amazing real trick photos.
When we think about art, it is likely that we consider a painting that is hanging in a gallery or, perhaps, we may think about the sculpture. Art is not limited to those mediums, however, and there are many different things that an artist can use to create something beautiful. At times, an artist may have a natural ability to use the strangest things and they can create a type of art that will absolutely amazing. When you see this artist creating a picture of a woman by using pushpins in a bulletin board, you might be surprised with how [More]
Art is something that many of us can appreciate and we may even travel hundreds or perhaps even thousands of miles to visit an art museum. Hanging on the museum walls we will find many examples of what most people consider to be art but in reality, life is full of art and it shows in many different ways. One example of art is three-dimensional Street painting, which is something that is gaining in popularity and is quite amazing to see in real life. The 3-D street art that you see in this video is something that will make you [More]