Your eyes work in unison with each other to give you a fairly good depiction of the world around you. Not only do they allow you to see things in a two dimensional universe, they give you a three-dimensional view and you can even see depth and distance. Since humans have two eyes that work along with each other, they have something that is known as stereo vision. This can also be manipulated in rather interesting ways. The eyes are looking at the same view but, besides they are separated, they are looking at it from a slightly different angle. [More]
There is an old saying that “not everything is as it seems” and you are about to see the reality of that statement in this brilliant optical illusion. Although I am often one to recommend that you try something like this at home, this is certainly not something that everybody is going to be able to do. After all, you would need a swimming pool in your backyard and the pool would have to be empty in order to do it. When you look at the painting from the side, it doesn’t really appear to be accurate. In fact, it [More]
The human eye is perhaps one of the most amazing organs within the human body. Not only is it the fastest organ for healing, it is also the one that provides us with sensory input that guides our movements throughout the day. What our eyes see is processed by the brain and then the brain provides us with the necessary information so that we can make the appropriate movements. Since the eyes are such an important and impressive part of the human body, they are a part that we often take care of. We have them tested regularly and if [More]
If you are looking for an enjoyable mind game, this one is going to be right up your alley. It involves a simple puzzle that is made out of 5 pieces and fits into a frame. You can even make this puzzle very easily out of some cardboard or, you can make it out of wood if you would like something a little bit more permanent. The puzzle begins by showing the board completely full of the five pieces without any space left over. You move some of the pieces around and suddenly, there is a little square of space [More]
There are many people in this world who have artistic talent but not all of them display it in the same way. Some individuals may work in watercolors and do a painting that is so realistic, it looks as if it is a photograph. Other people may display their artistic abilities in other ways, such as writing poetry or perhaps playing music. What if I were to tell you that some of the most fascinating art in the world is actually drawn on the street? Many of us drew on the sidewalk or street when we were young children. We [More]
When we look at the natural world around us, there is a rather interesting phenomenon that most of us tend to take for granted. It doesn’t matter if we are looking at the clouds in the sky, the waves of the sea or even a litter of puppies, there are going to be patterns that become visually evident. These are regularities that are found in the natural world and they may occur in a wide variety of contexts. At times, these patterns can be mimicked mathematically and when that is the case, you may really be in for a visual [More]
If you haven’t heard of the Escherian Stairwell, then it’s time you should. This amazing never-ending stairway is an optical illusion created by Filipino architect Rafael Nelson Aboganda in 1968. As you can see on the video, its unique design allows you to go up but will bring you back to where you started. You can see a young lady freaking out aft she tried it. The Escherian Stairwell is located at the Frank B. Gannett building at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. Aboganda created this impossible object after being inspired with mythical Penrose stairs. The secret? [More]
There is an old saying that, not everything is as it appears, and you are about to see the truthfulness of that saying come to life in front of you. When you first look at the image in the video, it appears as if it is a piece of paper with several diamonds, and each row becomes lighter as it moves down toward the bottom. Nobody would argue with that point but soon, you will see that it is just an optical illusion. In reality, much of what you are seeing is the same shade, even though it looks as [More]
When you look at the following video, you are going to see something that appears to be impossible but it is actually taking place in front of your eyes. Admittedly, it is a digital image but the fact that it is digital has nothing to do with it. The ballerina begins by leaning on a fence but as the camera is rotating, it seems as if the fence suddenly reverses direction and the ballerina melts right through it! Most people would think that this is just a digital creation but the fact is, it is an effect that is known [More]
There are many gifts that you could give to a young child but one that is appreciated by many children and remembered for many years is a toy train. It doesn’t matter if it is a complex train or if it is just one that is rather simple, it helps to spark the imagination and many children find themselves playing with a train set for hours. It is the perfect gift to give your child when you want them to do something other than play on the iPad. Of course, there are also other ways for you to give your [More]
Some types of optical illusions are easy to do and you can often do them with items that you have around the house. At other times, they may involve some type of digital image or perhaps a piece of art that you have to view on the computer. In the case of this particular optical illusion, it requires a specific mirror kit but you can purchase one online and the effects that it causes are absolutely amazing. This type of mirror creates a hologram effect that is impossible for you to see beyond. It actually uses a concave mirror with [More]
When we were young children, we often drew on the sidewalk with chalk but nobody, outside of our parents, really cared what we were drawing. Typically, it was either writing a few friends’ names or perhaps drawing a hopscotch board and that was the limit of our artwork. As you are about to see, however, some people have taken that artwork to an entirely new level and it is awesome. When you use perspective, it is possible to turn a two-dimensional object into a three-dimensional piece of art. You will see it clearly presented before you in these 3 Dimensional [More]