Art takes on many different forms. In some cases, it can be a natural part of the world around us that is used in an artistic way. In other cases, however, people were able to manipulate a two dimensional surface in order to create something that is truly unique. They may come in the form of a drawing on a piece of paper or a painting on canvas but in any case, it is something that we marvel over, especially if we don’t share that talent. As you are about to see, there are also cases in which people take [More]
If you were to take a wooden ruler and put it on the edge of a counter, you could easily hit the part of the ruler that is sticking over the edge and flip it end over end out into the middle of the room. It really doesn’t take any special strength to accomplish; it is just a matter of hitting the ruler with enough force to propel it. What if you were to take the same ruler on the edge of a counter but you were to place a piece of paper over the part of the ruler that [More]
Although we may be comfortable with the thought that everything is as we see it in the world, that is rarely the case. As a matter of fact, there may be times when we see something quite different than reality, and that is especially true when it comes to optical illusions. There are many different types of optical illusions but one of them is known as forced perspective. This technique uses the illusion to make an object appear closer, further away, smaller or larger. In part, it is your perspective that is being used when you see these 3-D art [More]
One of the many different types of optical illusions makes use of a transparent sheet that contains black lines and you drag that sheet over top of another image. When the two images are separate, they really don’t look like much and in some cases, they really appear like a geometric pattern. When they come together, however, they come to life and it tricks the eyes into seeing movement. It is an animation effect that your eyes can’t ignore. The eyes are one of the most amazing organs in the human body and they are able to pick up the [More]
When we think about art, it is likely that we consider a painting that is hanging in a gallery or, perhaps, we may think about the sculpture. Art is not limited to those mediums, however, and there are many different things that an artist can use to create something beautiful. At times, an artist may have a natural ability to use the strangest things and they can create a type of art that will absolutely amazing. When you see this artist creating a picture of a woman by using pushpins in a bulletin board, you might be surprised with how [More]
Have you ever stopped to think about the sense of vision and how amazing it truly is? As light bounces off objects in the world around us, it is picked up by the eyes and becomes data that the brain interprets as what we see. The reality of what is around us may actually be quite different than our perspective of it. Although the eyes are close together on our head, they are separated enough that it allows for stereo vision and gives us a degree of perspective. Something known as a stereogram has been used to observe two images [More]
When we were young children, we often drew on the sidewalk with chalk but nobody, outside of our parents, really cared what we were drawing. Typically, it was either writing a few friends’ names or perhaps drawing a hopscotch board and that was the limit of our artwork. As you are about to see, however, some people have taken that artwork to an entirely new level and it is awesome. When you use perspective, it is possible to turn a two-dimensional object into a three-dimensional piece of art. You will see it clearly presented before you in these 3 Dimensional [More]
Your eyes work in unison with each other to give you a fairly good depiction of the world around you. Not only do they allow you to see things in a two dimensional universe, they give you a three-dimensional view and you can even see depth and distance. Since humans have two eyes that work along with each other, they have something that is known as stereo vision. This can also be manipulated in rather interesting ways. The eyes are looking at the same view but, besides they are separated, they are looking at it from a slightly different angle. [More]
When we look at anything in the world around us, we automatically think that we are seeing what we should be seeing. What many of us don’t realize, however, is that the eyes are somewhat limited in the amount of information that they can process, even though it is an amazing amount of data. Sometimes, the eyes tend to take a shortcut so that they can get as much information as possible while at the same time, not overloading the circuits, so to speak. Scientific research has shown that there are certain things the mind will do along with the [More]
There are so many different things that come together to cause us to see the world as we see it. For one, everything that we see has to do with light and the various ways that light bounces off objects and reaches the retina in our eyes. Additionally, it has to do with the way that the eye processes the information that we see, and it can really make a difference in what we see as well. One of the more interesting things that need to be considered when it comes to our vision is perspective. We have two eyes [More]
Have you ever seen 3-D street art? It is rather popular today, and it involves drawing something that may not make a lot of sense to someone who is looking at it, unless they are looking from a single perspective. You’re about to see similar in this video, but it is done on a much more interesting scale. Rather than seeing something on the sidewalk that appears as if it is three-dimensional, you’re actually looking at something that appears to be floating in midair. When you first start the video, you will see the cube and it looks like you [More]
Our brain is perhaps the most incredible thing in the known universe, and it constantly amazes scientist who study it regularly. It doesn’t matter how much we learned about the brain, it seems as if there is always something new to learn and scientists may never be able to unlock all of its secrets. One thing that is known, however, is that our brain is separated into 2 different hemispheres, the right brain and the left brain. The different sides of the brain process information in different ways. More than likely, you have a natural tendency to think one way [More]