Clay is a rather remarkable part of the Earth. Most people are accustomed to clay being under their feet but they may not give it much thought. The fact is, it is a type of Earth that can be many different colors, from bluish-gray to red or yellow, but it is what happens when it is wet that is truly amazing. It can be formed into any shape and when it dries, it is quite hard. If you have ever seen anyone using a potter’s wheel before, you realize how incredible clay can be. Just watching it while they potter [More]
The human body continues to be a marvel to science but it is the human brain that really confounds scientists. They are constantly learning new things about the brain but, even by their own admission, they have only scratched the surface. Although we may learn more about the brain, it is unlikely that we will ever fully unravel its mysteries. Of course, men won’t stop trying and they will continue to be amazed by what it can do. Although the human brain controls every part of the body, it is closely associated with the eyes. They take in valuable information [More]
When you find that you have a little bit of free time on your hands, what do you do to pass the time and to keep yourself entertained? Many people will simply reach for their iPad or cell phone but there are also many other things you can do in the “real world” that will also keep you entertained as well. This video shows you a rolling toy option that you might want to consider. For this little toy experiment, you will need some Styrofoam or plastic rings and either some superglue or a hot glue gun. You attach the [More]
The world changed in a wonderful way in October 1980, although, at the time, many people didn’t realize it. That was the date that the original Pac-Man game was released in the arcades and before long, it was the most popular game that had ever existed. As a matter of fact, it still tends to maintain a level of popularity down to this day because of its simplicity and the fact that it can be a lot of fun in a challenging way. If you’re a fan of Pac-Man or any video game, you will appreciate this optical illusion. When [More]
There are many different types of optical illusions that make use of the checkerboard. In some cases, it may have to do with the shade of the squares and in others, it may be associated with spots that are placed on the board. In either case, it has the ability to trick the mind and when you see this video, you are going to be shocked with what your eye begins to see. It took the person in this video over four hours to place 200 little white squares at specific areas on the checkerboard pattern. As they continue to [More]
Are you looking for a rather interesting, yet fun experiment to play at a party or perhaps to show to your children? This is going to be the one that will amaze everyone. After all, it uses a combination of science and mathematics to direct you around the board so that the answer is going to be obvious. It doesn’t matter where you begin, you will land on the proper square and you can spin it any way you want. In this video game, it is done to show if you are going to live or die but it is [More]
Electronics certainly have changed our lives and in the past few decades, they have taken over the world in a number of ways. In fact, many of us could not imagine a day in which we didn’t have electronics, regardless of whether they are used to play games or if they are used to communicate with others. As you are about to see, they can also be used in interesting ways that most of us don’t typically think about. Using electronics and a board of movable pieces, it is possible to make it appear as if you are actually moving [More]
When it comes to optical illusions, some of them are rather simple to understand but others are going to take you by surprise, no matter how many times you see them. In fact, it doesn’t matter how closely you look or what angle you look at them from, it is going to continue to amaze you in its ability to look unusual. That is certainly going to be your experience when you see these optical illusions that take place right before your eyes. There are a number of different parts of our vision that many of us don’t consider regularly. [More]
When you suspend a weight from a pivot, it can swing freely and it is something that is known as a pendulum. In some cases, a pendulum may actually move on its own thanks to the movement of the earth but for our purposes, these types of pendulums are often only in movement when we start them in motion. In fact, there is a specific mathematical equation that can explain it all, but regardless of the math behind it, it is amazing to see. In this video, you see a rather remarkable pendulum effect that occurs when you have a [More]
Most people appreciate a good optical illusion, but they can be frustrating at times as well. That is especially true if you are trying to look beyond the illusion and see what is really in front of you. There are certain aspects about your vision and your brain that will often keep you from really seeing the reality of the situation because of your perspective or other factors. These types of phenomena are rather interesting to study. It is always a lot of fun to look at the optical illusion itself and see how they can trick the eyes, but [More]
At times, we may look at something and think that it is moving when in reality, it is not. In some cases, this can produce a dangerous situation because it can throw us off balance but in other cases, it is just a fun optical illusion. That is what this video provides for you, a number of different illusions that not only trick your eyes, they trick your brain. You won’t believe how well they work. We’ve often used the expression that your mind is playing tricks on you, and it doesn’t always match exactly but it certainly does with [More]
There is an old saying that “not everything is as it seems” and you are about to see the reality of that statement in this brilliant optical illusion. Although I am often one to recommend that you try something like this at home, this is certainly not something that everybody is going to be able to do. After all, you would need a swimming pool in your backyard and the pool would have to be empty in order to do it. When you look at the painting from the side, it doesn’t really appear to be accurate. In fact, it [More]