Portrait Made of 15,000 Push Pins

When we think about art, it is likely that we consider a painting that is hanging in a gallery or, perhaps, we may think about the sculpture. Art is not limited to those mediums, however, and there are many different things that an artist can use to create something beautiful. At times, an artist may have a natural ability to use the strangest things and they can create a type of art that will absolutely amazing.

When you see this artist creating a picture of a woman by using pushpins in a bulletin board, you might be surprised with how good it looks. Up close, you are going to see the individual pushpins but the further away you get from the piece of art, the better it looks. It is a matter of perspective and it can really open your eyes to the possibilities of what art could be.

The portrait that you are seeing here took quite some time to complete because it used more than 15,000 pushpins. It weighs approximately 40 pounds and that includes the cork board. What started out as a seemingly simple project ended up being something that many of us would be proud to have hanging on our wall.


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