10 Amazing Paper Tricks

Are you someone who enjoys science experiments? They not only help to introduce us to the world around us, there are times when they can help us to understand more about ourselves as well. This is not only true of some complex experiments that we may have done in science class, it is also true of some relatively simple experiments that we do at home as well. These are some of those simple options.

The little tricks you will see in this video all involve something we have at home, paper. They are among some of the most basic tricks that you can do but you will be amazed with what you can accomplish. In some cases, they help you to see the strength of paper and in others, they show you how to create a simple, yet fun project. You will want to try them all, just to see if they work.

These little experiments are a lot of fun to do at home. They are a great way to pass some time in the middle of the day, but don’t forget to include others in them. Sharing these little paper tricks with a young mind can also help them to understand the world better as well.


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