10 amazing bets you will always win

When you get together with friends or family at a party, there is often a little bit of friendly betting that takes place. At times, it is really just a matter of having some fun but it can be frustrating to lose the bet, especially if you lose them consistently. That is where this unique little video comes in. It shows you 10 different things you can do that will trick others and you will win the bet every time.

The items that you need for these bets is not anything that you wouldn’t find in most households. For example, a glass with some juice in it, a piece of cardboard, a coin and a few matchsticks will be plenty to get you started. You can even take some of these along with you so that you are sure to have them available when the betting begins.

These little optical illusions are also mind games and with a little bit of practice, you can get them right each and every time. The fun part is, nobody will believe that you are going to win the bet, so it is even more fun. Just be cautious, however, these may not be the best type of bets to make in a not so friendly environment.


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