The Confuzzle

If you’re looking for something fun to do at a get together, taking a puzzle along with you may just be what is necessary to break the ice. Of course, I’m not talking about taking a jigsaw puzzle, I’m talking about a little mind game that will help to get people talking and may even win you a bet or two! There are many options available, but the Confuzzle is one that you should consider.

When you lay this puzzle out on the table in front of others, it looks rather simplistic but the solution is going to be elusive. It shows a square of paper that is cut into four pieces and has a square hole in the middle. The object of the puzzle is to make it so that the entire square is filled without moving the pieces from their original spot.

This one is going to drive a few people crazy, because the solution is so elusive. As you will see, however, it’s really just a matter of spinning each of the pieces clockwise a few turns and putting them back into place again. Have fun with this one but make sure that you practice a little bit before you show it to others.


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