Amazing Resonance Experiment

Although there are many types of optical illusions, when you are able to combine one with a science experiment, the effects can truly be amazing. One of those experiments that turns into a rather interesting optical illusion uses sound to manipulate objects in ways that you may not have considered possible. Viewing this is not only pleasing to the eye, it also teaches you something about the world around us that you may not have known before.

When we hear a sound, there is more going on than just hearing the noise. Sound is actually a vibration and it travels through a medium so that it can be heard by somebody who is standing at a distance. In most cases, the medium is air but it can also travel through other objects, which is why we can hear sound from outside when we are inside.

When sound is applied to the board in this little experiment, it is able to manipulate the salt that is on top of it. As the sound changes, so does the pattern and this really helps us to understand more about science in general as well as unlocking a secret of the world around us that very few people know.


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