Amazing Memory Wire!

When many of us think about technology, we typically think about electronic devices that continue to advance on a regular basis. What we may not consider, however, are all of the other things in the world around us that rely on technology and the advances that are being made. That can clearly be seen when you look at Nitonol memory wire. It is not something that you might consider regularly, but it is something that is quite amazing.

This type of wire has a memory in the fact that it can remember its original shape. It is possible to set the wire to almost any shape that you desire when you apply some heat to it but after the wire cools, it is possible to bend it into any shape. What is amazing about the wire, however, is the fact that when you heat it again, it returns to the original shape every time.

Not only does this type of wire have a number of practical uses in the world around us, it is also something that can be a lot of fun to play with. You can order it from a number of science website and try some experiments or amaze your kids.


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