This Is How Your Brain Works

There is something that is taking place within us on an ongoing basis, 24 hours every day, and we don’t ever really give it the consideration it deserves. I’m talking about our thoughts, something that is with us constantly. They happen in the brain through a complex series of electrical impulses and chemical reactions but, in the end, it gives us consciousness and the ability to reason. That is what makes the human brain so amazing.

Most people are at least loosely aware that these things are happening but did you realize that you actually have a dual system in your brain? It involves what is known as fast thinking and slow thinking. Understanding these processes can help you to know more about yourself and perhaps even others around you. It also explains why we sometimes react automatically and, at other times, we ponder over a situation before we react.

In this video, you will see the processes of slow thinking and fast thinking in action. Not only are you provided with some amazing illusions that will help to demonstrate it to you, you will also gain a greater understanding of how it works as well in a visual way that is easy to grasp.

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