Shady Optical Illusion – Crazy Diamonds

There is an old saying that, not everything is as it appears, and you are about to see the truthfulness of that saying come to life in front of you. When you first look at the image in the video, it appears as if it is a piece of paper with several diamonds, and each row becomes lighter as it moves down toward the bottom. Nobody would argue with that point but soon, you will see that it is just an optical illusion.

In reality, much of what you are seeing is the same shade, even though it looks as if it is lighter or darker. As a single diamond is moved from one part of the board to another, it becomes obvious that they are the same shade. It doesn’t matter how you look at the image, however, you can’t see it unless it is pointed out to you.

This board uses what is known as a checker shadow illusion that was developed at MIT in 1995. It uses dark and light squares (or diamonds) that are partly shadowed and when you look at it, they appear to be different shades of the same color but they are actually the same.


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