3d Stereogram Animation – coloured balls

Have you ever stopped to think about the sense of vision and how amazing it truly is? As light bounces off objects in the world around us, it is picked up by the eyes and becomes data that the brain interprets as what we see. The reality of what is around us may actually be quite different than our perspective of it. Although the eyes are close together on our head, they are separated enough that it allows for stereo vision and gives us a degree of perspective.

Something known as a stereogram has been used to observe two images that become one image in our mind that is seen as a three-dimensional piece. Although most people would consider it necessary to use two images for that purpose, it can actually be done with a single image. That will be clearly demonstrated in this single viewpoint stereogram.

When you look at this video, it is going to look slightly strange but when you cross your eyes, that is when the magic truly begins. Suddenly, the two-dimensional video that was in front of you becomes a three-dimensional piece of art. It is quite amazing to see.


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