3D Stereogram Animation

Your eyes work in unison with each other to give you a fairly good depiction of the world around you. Not only do they allow you to see things in a two dimensional universe, they give you a three-dimensional view and you can even see depth and distance. Since humans have two eyes that work along with each other, they have something that is known as stereo vision. This can also be manipulated in rather interesting ways.

The eyes are looking at the same view but, besides they are separated, they are looking at it from a slightly different angle. This factor can be used to create 3-D movies and other two-dimensional objects that appear as if they are three-dimensional in the world around us. It often requires that we have two images in front of us at close distance or we wear special glasses.

As you are about to see, it is also possible to see a 3-D stereogram animation without using any special glasses and you are only looking at a single image. It looks weird at first but cross your eyes and allow them to adjust and you will see something wonderful right in front of you.


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