5 Awesome Optical Illusions

Most of us feel as if we have a fairly good grip on reality but the truth is, we may be fooled more easily than what we think. After all, it is not always reality that makes a difference in what we see but rather, it is our perception of reality. As a matter of fact, many people consider perception to be the real reality. That factor will be demonstrated in this video.

An optical illusion is something that tricks the mind into thinking that the eye is seeing something different than what is actually there. In many cases, it involves some type of depth but it may also involve color or just a simple trick. In any case, they are covered in this video where you will see a number of different optical illusions that will fool you every time. Even after you know what the secret is, you will still not see it.

Some of the optical illusions in this video are nothing more than a trick but others are really designed to fool the mind and they are able to do so brilliantly. Take a look at the video and you will be surprised with how frequently you see something that really isn’t there.


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