Quick test: dead or alive?

Are you looking for a rather interesting, yet fun experiment to play at a party or perhaps to show to your children? This is going to be the one that will amaze everyone. After all, it uses a combination of science and mathematics to direct you around the board so that the answer is going to be obvious. It doesn’t matter where you begin, you will land on the proper square and you can spin it any way you want.

In this video game, it is done to show if you are going to live or die but it is really always going to end with the square that shows you will die. You only need to remember 4 different things in order for it to work but nobody is going to be able to figure it out, and you will get them every time.

Although this is not a true optical illusion, it is a mind game that you can play on anyone. As long as you have some Post-it notes in 2 different colors, you can set this board up anywhere and start amazing your friends and family. Don’t be surprised if they want to try it twice.


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